Saturday, January 21, 2012

B. Grant watercolorist

unnamed, B. Grant, 8" x 10", watercolor

The seller of this painting speculated that it could be the work of Blanche Chloe Grant (1874-1948), based on the signature and label from a prominent Boston art dealer. Grant is best known for western scenes as she moved to Taos, New Mexico in the 1920s, where she painted mostly in oils. She studied in Boston at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts and at the Art Students League, first, though, and worked as an illustrator with Howard Pyle.  My research shows that she won a prize for her watercolor work before 1920 and also travelled to Europe to study and paint before moving to Taos, so it is easy to understand this attribution.

 Label, verso

There are problems with this attribution, though. When I received the painting, I realized that it had been opened and that some modern materials, probably from the 1990s, had been used to mount this watercolor, so it cannot be confirmed that that this painting is original to this frame, or even that the label is original to the frame.


At first examination, I thought that the signature might have been done with a ballpoint pen, but close examination with a magnifying glass shows that it was more likely done with a fountain pen. All in all, a nicely done watercolor that could easily date to the 1920s, or before, and may, or may not, have origins in Boston, and may, or may not, be the work of Blanche Chloe Grant. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who is familiar with the early work of Ms. Grant and can confirm whether or not this is her work. In the mean time, this remains a mystery artist.

Alderly Park mystery artist

Alderly Park, unknown, 7" x 9", watercolor, 1887

This watercolor is likely by a British artist. I can make out the title and date, but the other writing is a mystery and may be the signature of the artist. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who can identify this artist's work or signature.

Inscription, verso

Mystery handled pot

unnamed handled pot, unknown,  12" x 6", clay pot

I found this pot at a local thrift shop. It is very well done and unusual. There is a signature on the bottom, and if I knew what the name was, it would probably be easy to read. Unfortunately, I have no idea who the artist was. The last name may be "Beach".

Another view


Any help in identifying this artist would be appreciated.