Saturday, April 13, 2013

Elementary, my Dear Watson.

unnamed, S. Watson, 20" x 8", watercolor on board

I found these two paintings at a local thrift shop. The watercolor appears to be dated 2012, but elements of the painting seem to mingle with the date and it may be a coincidence that it appears to be a date.Both appear to be the work of at least a talented amateur. 

unnamed, Watson, 8" x 8", pastel, crayon and watercolor on paper

Though this painting measure 8x8, it is matted to about 6" x 8". It reminds me of the work of Josephine Mahaffey. 

Both paintings are framed, and one frame appears to be fairly new, while the other has some age to it. The colors are a bit brighter than shown, as I photographed them in the frame, under glass.

S. Watson signature