Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I hate label removers!

"Near The Post Office", unknown, 13" x 16", oil on board

     I found this unframed painting at a local thrift shop for $3.77, including tax. I think it is London scene from the 1920s or 1930s, judging by the image and the board that it is painted on. I can almost make out the signature and suspect that it may be "V. Sozonov", and is by Russian painter Valerie Sozonov or Vsevolod Sozonov. Valerie is used as a man's name in Russia. I suspect that the several records I have found for these two men are actually for the same man. I have only been able to find a few examples of work attributed to this artist on the Internet, but could not find an image of a signature. I am researching a biography for these artists.
    The style is very similar to the couple of examples of this artist's work that I could find, and there were several mentions of English and London scenes in the auction records of his work. There are a few scratches and scrapes on this piece, but I really like the motion in the scene. I had almost given up on finding treasure that day and was literally on my way out of the door, when I saw it leaning, half hidden among some other items. Woo and Hoo. The remnants of a label and the pencilled title are verso. It is somewhat maddening that the label was removed. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who is familiar with this artist's work.

Volcanic mystery

 Glass vase, 8.5" x  6.25" x 4" (base)

A thrift shop find. Don't remember what I paid for it, but under $10. I am calling it a volcano vase. A nicely done mix of glass, maybe Murano? No signature, no other marks, except a couple of small circles on the bottom. Any help in identifying this piece is appreciated.