Friday, August 15, 2014

Who needs YouTube?

unnamed, unknown, 11" x 8", acrylic on MDF board w/etching

    I am always a sucker for cat paintings, and if there is a kitten in it too, well, what can I say?  This was an ebay purchase and was created using an interesting technique which might help to identify the artist. The painting is on MDF board. It appears that a gold colored base layer was laid down and then the images were loosely painted on top of that. The artist then refined the boundaries of the images of the cats and fish by etching the paint down to the gold under-layer. Of course, what appears to be a signature is really illegible. The frame may be a custom frame, since this is an odd sized painting. It appears to be of very good quality and could have been made by the artist. Any help is appreciated!
   The seller found this painting at an antique store in Roseville, CA. Maybe a California artist? I agree with the seller's assessment it probably dates to the 1960s or 1970s. Acrylic paint became widely used by artists in the early 1960s, so it can't be older than that. It has a kind of early 70s feel to me....

Framed painting

Signature? W. R/N.....?

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