Sunday, March 18, 2018

This really bowled me over!

bowl, Charley Reynolds, 8.5" x 3.25", glass, 1970

A thrift shop find. I believe that this is an example of the off hand glass blowing technique. I read the signature as "Charley Reynolds '70".  I found this in Normal, IL, the home of Illinois State University, which has a well known art glass program, though I believe that this piece predates the art program there by a few years. 

There is a well known glass artist named Charley Reynolds who is currently active, but he seems to exclusively produce glass smoking pipes. I contacted the editor of Glass Line magazine, and he did not think that this was his work. 

It is a quite striking piece, though, and I have taken to leaving the lamp on the table where this sits lit 24x7. Just a pretty thing to walk by and look at. 

I am not really expecting to find out much about this artist since this piece is nearly 50 years old and a quick search did not turn up any more potential candidates to be the artist. Possibly the work of a university student.


  1. Welcome back

    1. Thanks David. Maybe the date is (20)10 not (19)70. I'll send her some images. It certainly makes sense, though.

  2. David scores again! I heard from Charlyn and she confirmed that this is her work, done while a student at Illinois State University in Normal, IL. She studied under John Miller, works for the Toledo Art Museum and for the Corning Glass Museum. She does really nice work. Check out her web site! She is now on the Illinois Artists page of my web site. Thanks, Dave!