Friday, February 25, 2011

H. Harvey, Woodstock Artist?

unnamed, H. Harvey, 6" x 4", oil

Paintings by H. Harvey are fairly common and were produced in apparently large quantities by this artist for the Woodstock Workshop, as shown by the label on the back of this painting, and several other examples of the artist's work that I have seen. Several artists created small paintings for this art colony, some later well known artists, and others, like Harvey, obscure. Much of this artist's work appears to be very crude, especially the small works. Some of the artist's larger works, and a few of his small works, are more well done, though I have seen only three or four examples of these larger works and all were in the 8" x 10" to 12" x 16" size range. It is difficult to date this artist's work as the Woodstock Workshop seems to have been active from the 1930s through the 1950s, but my guess is that these works were produced in the later years of this range.

Paintings by this artist have been attributed to Harold LeRoy Harvey 1899-1971. I am not comfortable with this attribution at this time, I actually do not believe that this attribution to be correct. I have included a biography for Harold Leroy Harvey on my art collection web site.

Any help in identifying this artist, or more career information, would be very much appreciated.


  1. I have a 4x6 oil painting by H. Harvey with the information on the back as you have on your site.. it is a picture of fruit in a bowl with fruit on a table. Can be if it is worth anything and if anyone would be interested in buying it. do you know what year he painted it..any information would be appreciation.. thank you Maureen Taylor..

  2. I have been researching the Baltimore-based photographer Harold Leroy Harvey. It is unlikely in the extreme that he produced crude paintings for the Woodstock Group.